Table of Contents

Water Over The Flame


Under the spell

Of a terrible mood,

A fire broke out.


Of a Jack-O-Lantern's glittering eye;

Fluttering high

In the fire-choked sky.

Rising stone stairway,

Fire tongues descend,

Blurring together

In the ominous orange haze.

Ghosts of smoke

Reach out

With insubstantial arms;

Fire crawling lizard like,


Slithering back up

With a...



Chuckling sound;

Under the bannered shadow

Of Funeral Crepe

And grotesquery

Adding its displeasing fragrance.

A greeting is had

By a...




A leer-appearing

Demon of the Dance.

Its mortar stoned eyes

Alone could tear fabric;

Alone could scrape skin;

Its plumb black body


Like a fat drop of oil.


Divine help arrives,

Unexpectant yet timely,

Manifesting first

As a distant forlorn wail

Of an exotic bird

Riding effortlessly

Atop the night's acrid stench;

Willing tides of chill

To wash over the heat inside:

The translucent forms

Acting as safety

In tall glass chimneys;

Dispersing confusion

With waves of its milky light.

Dark hair turning blond

By the flames

While putting out the fire;

Ignoring the scorched results.

Watergate Revisited

Light leaks from beneath the door

Where it doesn't touch the floor.

Voices off to my right;

Maybe five,

Maybe six,

Maybe seven,

Maybe eight.

Clinks and taps 

Of metal and glass.

Cameras off to my left;

Maybe two,

Maybe three,

Maybe monitored,

Maybe not.

Whiring fan above my head;

Ticking clock straight ahead.

Holding tiny electronic bugs,

In search 

For spots that camouflage;

Underneath an oak wood desk;

Above an art piece facing west,

Operation Watergate 

Lets us in on what they say

Sleep comes easy

Quick not slow

When morals are relative,

Green light go!.


When This Then That


When truth confronts lies,

Sparks fly!

When delusion is removed, 

Divine will manifests Divine actions.

When Infinite becomes finite,

Perfect becomes imperfect.

When Energy becomes defined,

It becomes mass, 

The not-you.

When energy becomes finite, 

It takes on a nature 

Opposite of its Original Nature. 

When God's Word becomes flesh, 

That flesh knocks over tables

And tells you to look within 

For the Teacher.

When ego thinks 

It's the source of good,

It becomes the false light. 

If our light be dark, 

How great is that darkness.

When the "I" enters many bodies,

It becomes the "we".

When the ego takes credit 

For Buddha wisdom, 

The Buddha becomes trapped 

In the ego.

When all egos realize 

They belong

To the same ego-Owner, 

They'll realize hurting another ego

Is hurting their own.

When one is fully aware 

Of how reason can be used 

To reason ourselves 

Out of common sense,

We will be less vulnerable 

To self-deceit.

When the seeking 

Will obtains what it's seeking,

The conditions are right

For the state 

Of happiness to arise.

When 'want' isn't conditioned,

We always have 'be' 

To fall back on.

When will is fulfilled,

The Creator is pleased.

When is it ever 

Going to get better? 

The moment your acts 

Make it so.

When all hearts beat

 For the whole of humanity, 

The Garden will be paradise again.

Winning Hand

Beating time 

Back into a corner

We sped through 

Our Devil's breakfast,

Hand-waving away 

Our visions of eternal punishment.

With spectacular determination,

Burning the flame 

At an angle,

And sheering off 

The excess volume,

We could erase the circles 


In the frozen air.

Our Infernal acquaintance 

Had his character captured 

In old photographs

Drooling rich; 

Itching to be famous,

Our acts mortally offended.

He could recover no more.