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Time, the Fourth Dimension


Time has a claim to fame;

Spacetime's fourth dimension.

To be sure it's a valid one,

Somethings I'll have to mention.

One dimension is one direction

Pointing straight one way;

Length, measures a length section

Every single day.

Another one will measure width; 

We call it dimension two.

Distance units we measure with;

Millions or just a few.

Next one aims toward starlight;

This third completes space objects;

A vector measured for the height

Of all and sundry projects.

These three all describe the way

They take up room in space.

Notice folks, it's now time's turn

To tell about its place.

Proving to us, once for all,

It has dimension nature;

Informing you that motion stalls

Event facts intervention.

In the present moment

Is one non-motion event

The one that came before it,

A past non-motion lament.

The event we haven't come to, yet

Is just as still as stone

We call it future, linear pet;

Non-motion up-ahead zone.

This stack is a length we measure,

One direction to be sure;

The fourth, the time dimension

Making spacetime reality pure.

'To Do' List

To be in harmony

With what is,

It's crucial to know

That "I" is reality;

Not what most Buddhist teachers teach.

To be trapped

In the left hemisphere of the brain

Is to be trapped

In the material;

When the Light comes in contact

With the left-brained, 

The darkness 

Comprehends it not.

To correlate linear time

With spacial distance, 

An object

Must be traveling that distance.

To enter an event 

In the past or the future,

It would require

A birth in a body

In the event

You were attempting to enter.

To free someone 

Is to release someone from victimization. 

To pardon someone

Is to excuse a persecutor.

To identify as human

Is to identify 

With the human form.

To know the difference

Between the Self 

And the not-Self, 

Between the perceptually-dependent reality

And perceptually-independent reality 

Is to remove delusion.

To know your True Self 

Makes living as an ego,


To make finite properties 

From infinite properties, 


Is caused in the non-differentiated. 

To make something finite

Is to set a limit on it.

To make this planet compatible 

With human fulfillment, 

Humanity should be socialized

In community sizes, 

Not unmanageable countries 

With twenty-five to fifty million citizens.

To realize we are the Buddha 

Is to realize we aren't the ego.

To repent

Is to committ the unpardonable sin.

To say something is relative

Is to say the measurements,

Or values, 


If the reference frame changes. 

To say something moves

Faster than the speed of light

Is the same thing as saying 

Something moves slower 

Than non-motion.

To say that something ought not be 

Is saying that God

Did something he shouldn't have done. 

You called God a sinner.


Truth vs. Lies


The sharp sword of truth 

Slays the dragon of lies;

Those wrong who, what, when, 

Where and whys.

It's come to wrestle 

Those lies to the ground

It's honesty's turn

To buy the next round.

Knowing truth,

Realizing what is;

Not thinking, guessing

Or speculation jizz.

Wisdom isn't knowing 

Understanding can be false;

It's impossible to understand

Unless it's true, nothing else. 

Reason can be used,

With evil cunning and stealth,

To reason out of truth

Your very own sneaky self.

Believing's not knowing 

What you believe to be true;

When your veins flow with knowing,

Belief starts turning blue.

If you don't know the difference 

Of what is from what isn't,

You won't have the vision

To meet Wise for a visit.

Truth gets established

By wrestling with mystery

Until tiring in languish,

Truth springs from this misery.

If you fight against truth,

You fight against frienship, 

Foolish beating black and blue,

One holding the freedom slip.

The more bolder you are 

Pulling string to truth's bow,

The more easy to win war

Arrows strike lying foes.

Said :'Truth shall set you free'

Holy choirs got it wrong;

'Belief shall set you free'

Wrong lyrics, wrong song.

Liars worry about questions; 

Fear the way they might get answered;

Those in truth teach this lesson

State of peace, their reward's transfer.

Let all know, "No theory-schmeory!"

Tell them how you really feel;

Scientific method, not theory

Now ready for the Real Deal.

Two Brothers


In search of easy targets;

With crude manner and rude swagger,

Commanding tough talk,

How they manage,

Even before the mail man arrives,

To eat and shit chaos,

With nary a blood pressure concern,

Or a sweat drop spilt.

A daily exercise regime

Of drunk-dialing exes

And designing humiliation anagrams

Out of names of beloved sports teams.

These are God's misfits

Of nature's traveling show,

Assembled by dead SS rent boys.

Grotesque in their countenance,

Like heads dipped in wax 

Left in the sun to melt,

Forgotten, the sentimental

Like sanbox toys 

Buried beneath sand-fill,

A smile to manifest,

Had, first, to wrestle 

With day-after-day morning-after hangovers

Amid breakfasts of burned toast,

And milk beginning to turn.

If powers were such

We could choose our birth's womb,

Choosing one not shared

With these two, 

My brothers,

Would be world's safest bet.

For serenity's sake, 

I often take time,

To make reflection's habit

Ponder these words:

"You don't always get to choose

Who you dance with at the prom."