Table of Contents

Significant Loss


Securing unanimous outcome

From this disagreeable brood

Would be wild cat-herding

On high doses 

Of street mescaline.

Most of those duly-called

Kept choices

Chosen in manner sacred,

Close to the hot blood 

Of their beating hearts.

This triggered in many 

A Lion's share of annoyance 

And moods

Located right of a number line zero,

Making even the feeding mosquitoes

A bother unnoticed.

One member of the assembly

Applied for reinforcement

From occult territory,

Blackmailing the offspring 

With lowest strong-will quotient

Into performing a child's hex 

With his morning cereal;

A bowl of milk

With an edible alphabet.

Would the Heaven-sent straight-jackets

Made by the hands of fallen angels

Be recalled 

On conditions of sanity restored?

Or will Utility's Muse

Be busy with the fitting?

If the latter is destined

With the shortest straw,

Memory of the faces, 


And bearers of righteous indignation;

A measure

Both acceptable and defensible,

Shall take the crowd's majority

Just as the day the bones of giants

Were hidden behind Smithsonian smirks.

Loud bell rings


"All ballots are in!"

Destiny puts Sour 

On the victory pedestal,

Showing Sweet 

A swift exit 

Through unforgiving doors.

The weather forecast 

Warns of weather 

Both terrible and torrential,

Not as before;


A claim is made

Of an unusual source, 

The bleeding Nose of God.

Something From Nothing

Space is nothing;

Time is nothing;

Velocity is nothing;

Light is nothing;

Energy is nothing;

Mind is nothing;

Subject is nothing;

Love is nothing;

Hate is nothing;

Creator is nothing;

The Perceiver is nothing;

The Undefined is nothing;

The Unlimited is nothing;

Infinity is nothing;

Infinite I is nothing.

Distance is something;

The past is something;

The future is something;

A speed limit is something;

Lamps are something;

Mass is something;

Thought is something;

Object is something;

Body is something;

Creation is something;

Creatures are something;

The perceived is something;

Definitions are something;

Information is something;

Limit is something;

The finite is something;

'we' is something.

Processed information

Can condition the existence of objects;

Distance and velocity

Can condition the motion of objects;

Location and electrons  

Can condition perception of objects

And non-perception of objects;

Energy and bodies  

Can condition bodily animation;

Mind and thought

Can condition ideas and images;

Subject and subject  

Can condition relationship;

Love and body

Can condition sexual intimacy;

Creator and creation  

Can condition the Tao;

Perceiver and perceived  

Can condition the change of mind states;

Perceiver and perceived  

Can condition experience;

Infinity and the finite

Can condition spacetime reality.

The finite proceeds from the infinite;

Finite mind proceeds from infinite mind;

Duality proceeds from the transcendence;

The defined proceeds from the undefined;

Distance proceeds from infinite space;

Linear time proceeds from absolute time;

Mass proceeds from energy;

Finite speed proceeds from infinite velocity;

Personalities proceed from personal energy;

Individual will proceeds from original will.


Stoner Times


We were North Park's time-wasting bandits

Never farther than arm's reach

From the community water pipe.

Letting entertainment 

Pour lucid and free,

Curious natural;

Running streams of the mind;

Giving focus 

To the most inane thoughts.

Can you dream seen things

If you've been blind from birth?

Is a small child ghost adorable

Or should we show some fear? 

If our friend with hash 

Turned up on our step,

Extra layer of altered perception

Moved us all 

To expert level;

Young bodies, 

A room away,

Moving exquisitely,

Slo-mo trance.

Questionable practices 

Would need marginal policing,


Last night,

Getting caught 

Putting the house gerbil

Into the microwave.

When full moon came

On a windless night, 

A synchronicity 

Made a strong showing.

All four,

And sometimes five, 

Of our heads 

All hummed like tuning forks, 

Sensation of the twilight zone kind, 

Feeling invisible fishing string,

Pulled taut tight, 

All four skulls,

And sometimes five,

Being held hostage 

By the strict military book.

Hanging by this telephone wire 

High symmetrical magic twine, 

We dangled there 

In mid air;

It began to play us ear-to-ear

Making strange violin-like vibration

From a rhythmic back-an-forth.

It was never easy to tell

If we were enjoying this sick trip

Or visiting southbound neighbours

In a sketchy nightmare hell.

Stupid Ideas

Stupid ideas, 

The origin an outcome 

From heads of the stubborn 

Too lazy or dumb

To make good use 

Of our power to apply

The much needed thought

For weeding out error

From our true treasure: truth. 

There is no excuse.

Might is right?

Dad would win all fights.

When children are newly born,

A raise of his boot,

A quick slam own,

Another successful 

Championship title defended,

Let's start working now,

On those dead child's 

Pressing funeral plans.

Humans are animals?

We don't go to prison,

After a day of duck hunting, 

Three dead in the back 

Of the pickup truck,

To serve justice 

With a 20 year sentence.

Obeying rules

Is a valuable human outcrop?

Obeying a will 

Outside your own

Makes you your own pretender

To your own personal throne. 

People no longer 

Have relations with you; 

They're tolerating a version, 

A cardboard you.

We are the body?

If you are the body, 

You have the unenvious 

Unfortunate position

Of belonging to me;

An owner's proposition.

You're left with a vulnerable,

Ownerless you;

I plan taking full avantage 

And do as I wish I could to you.