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Says humans are born in sin;

Sin is an act;

You can't be born in an act;

You can only be born in a body.


Places emphasis on 'getting from God' 

Rather than one

Who's been bought with a price,

Now belonging to the Divine

To be used without permission.

Religions and sects

Are not Living Branches

Used by Divine intervention;

They are dead sticks

Trying to imitate Divine Life.


Can cause its members

To perceive those outside of it 

To be

Their chosen deity's enemies. 


Is removing individual divinity; 

Placing it in opposition 

To the individual.


Has us pretending 

We don't want to do the stuff 

Other people do.


Are designed to turn good people

Into bad people,

Not bad people

Into good people.


Is hijacking the Divine

For purposes of control.


Is the Behavioral Modification Industry 

And a hive facility producer. 


Are the System's way

Of controlling spirituality

And making us pay for it.


Coax us to the wrong source of truth;


And sold for a price

As books and week-end seminars.


Makes the Creator of billions of galaxies

A tribal god

On one planet in one galaxy.


Preach the evils of being selfish

But the purpose of the self

Is to be a self;

Not a not-self.

Rich Blood

When I broke the cipher 

The universe revealed a smile;

The golems and night birds 

And all underworld fabulists

Pulled my focus away,

Like a rotting incisor,

Washing littered thoughts 

With phantom glitter 

And the gold that fools hold. 

The newborn stanza,

Like a motorcade,

Drove arrow-like

The crowds

Into lefts and rights 

Both sides

Slinging arms forward

And awaiting the rains

To remunerate. 

I withheld my hat,

An insult to eulogia,

For a current of rare wealth

Were blood

That flowed

Through the veins of Being;

The smile of the universe 

Were the result

Of the trickling riches.




Robbie radiated tension,

Like a microwave oven;

Born in a burning house;

Nearly killed

Nearly one hundred different times;

Does a clumsy little square dance;

Twitching until sundown,

With his two best friends,

Ivory handle Chinese butterfly knives.

Found a place downtown

Where popcorn's stale;

Soft drinks watered down;

He bought himself

A new crown of thorns;

A mourner in training;


With a gone-baby-gone death kiss

Crossing out one item at a time

On his own personal bucket list.

Ruling the Hands of Time

"Mount the clock"

She said, 

"Upside down."

Twelve will point down;

Six, candle's wick;

Three and nine switched.

My wife is pleased, 

Goes back to bed;

Unmaking bed.

Lunch now unmade;

Car unmoved stays ,

Dawn's light colored glow 

Goes darker;

Darker blacker;

Right to full black.

Snores put stars back.