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Payback For Favor Owed


Heart's jacked up

To demon speed rpm's;

Manic panic on rollerblades 

For a destination

Holding most hope 

For successful capture 

Of a responding voice

To a street row call;

Reward for effort

Bathed in tireless optimism.

Deep into gangster's paradise,

The land of childhood graduates;

Fortunate survivors who refused

To kiss their asses goodbye;

The precinct where adequate functioning 

Listed as an endangered species;  

Where remaining alive 

And unincarcerated

Was called winning.

A stone's throw 

from where I stood;

The merch fencer's digs,

Where the damned get a discount 

From bare arms

Used as canvass 

For state pen ink. 

She looked on,

Half way to dumb wonder;

A respectable attempt 

At mimicking the glaze 

Of some out-of-touch trainwreck babe.

A favor I owed her mother

Brought me smack-middling

Danger's predatory cross-hairs; 

This lost lamb's mum;

My last year's savior 

With the bail money 

And a face full of concern.

When recognition

Of my being there, 

Her care package in street skates,

Found its way in,

Her skinny arms yanked

From the support beam 

Staying the condemnation wrecking crew

Perhaps, for another year.

This near-the-end-of-its-days

Gang-banging land mark

Garnered a rep

For being her home 

Away from unhappy home;

A spot made familiar 

By a history filled 

With the many other days 

Unbearable events 

Would send her running away.

Planet's Welcome To The 100th Monkey

Years later after the ninety-ninth,

Tribal shouts 

cracked our world open wide

That let the one hundredth monkey out;

Subject of beloved fabled prophecy.

Making soft wax 

Of the hard hearts of men,

He arrived 

On a miracle of human will's dreams.

It was too critical 

That sooner 

Would bring him quicker 

Than later

To reach perfect percentage 

Critical mass desperately needs,


Of our tipping point glory

Was the proudest 

Our planetary citizenry could boast.

With all said and done,

In whisper's happy cry,

It left

Leaving not one single eye dry.

Baby sprouts 

Of human community

Sprung where the lasts gasps

Of Corporate skull duggery 

Made their deep wounds of damage 

Like any previous visit

From inhuman savage.

Unquestioning evidence 

Of Dawn's arrival;

A testament 

Of clear declaration 

That this be no empty claim.

The flags of nations burned

Along side celebratory fires 

On beaches 

Of joy abundantly paved;

No mourning took place 

During necessity's trial, 


And condemnation's commencement;

A poetic smoke signal 

Of this patriot demise.

The friends' disguise 

Of a friend's enemies

Became butterfly-light aether condensate,

Transforming the rude opaque 

To cleansing transparency.


Became Partridge Family pure;


Now united in contentment's ideal form;

This family 

With new wine skin 

Fashioned lives in accordance

With freedom's kind cadence, 

Dictating love's construction choices

For homes 

Where doorways stayed open 

Lacking locks

Or hiding place security system alarms.

Melodies sang 

From work's happy pounding

On anvil with hammer, 

The dear tradesmen's tools

Of blacksmiths 

Appearing from a millennial past.

For the age of this career

Has made splendid resurrection 

True to historical biblical narrative,

The glorious task 

Of beating violent swords

Into ploughshares 

For Age's gentle man's hands.

This was now reality's Golden Child

Lovingly pushed by angelic hands  

On whose seat 

was goose down soft,

A notable feature 

Of Heaven's swing.

What better gesture could any imagine

From a workmen's desire 

To thank our fortune, 

The flood of Good's peace

Now covering our planet's 

Now happy earth, 

Amen and amen.


Prankster's Kiss


When we met

I found a mouth warm and soft

But her tremulous smile

Sat not well on her lips.

Eyes blinked under bangs

Curled by rain and sweat

Like the metronomic thumps

Of busy wipers on the windshield.

Ragged breathing

And soft mewling

Announced she was pleased.

My world dwindled

'til there were only the two of us;

Two reflections

Of two shimmering trees

Writhing on a lake's surface.

This darling trickster

Made her acquaintance

By distorting,

Not illuminating,

All things that she touched:


A shadow among shadows,

Obscured by mist and rain.

Earned grace

Granted me recognition

And at once

I turned away.

A satisfied denial

Of this grim specter's existence.


Towering King Koan leans

As he stands on the unanswered

To the curious Empire's state,

Building flowers in their planters.

In the waves of its wake

And necessary to their solving 

The questions

On their brave quest

Repetition's constant moving;

A make-shift mantra mutiny,

A pirate pirates meaning

To what it is they're feeling.

And end resolve's futility;

How it never ends,

Never-ending longevity,

Is the removing 

Of the Then

From all statements with an If.

All settings set to 'normal', 

'Loop' keeps from edge's cliff;

Tireless run-on sentence;

A blessing and a gift.

Befuddled were the citizenry,

No fine sand there to sift;

Superhero Superman

Really never was God's gift.

How can it be?

How are they able

To stuff big stuff into little stuff;

The huge into the tiny?

Goldilocks's paradoxes;

Look closely for the middle;

It isn't really all that tough

To find her and her fanny

Sitting in the middle

Behind curtains, behind doors.

Answers in strange runes; 

Come popping to the 'fore.