Table of Contents

Ode To Jay

The nerd in him 

Ran very deep;

His condo 

Had Jetson Interior design;

Decked out 

Like a television Starship.

Most times of the day

We find him flipping through horror zines

In his Lazy-Boy Captain's chair,

Like some self-styled toy owner fascist;

His collector's items 


To cellophane dungeons,

Never to taste earth's atmosphere.

One hallway closet packed tight,

Along with the original,

Every alternative edition

Trivial Pursuit board game series.

The Pentagon-shaped coffee table,

Nerdly adorned with  pristine 

Coffee table Star Wars character picture book.

The kitchen dazzled guests

With alphabetized spice racks

And a fridge door smothered 

In fridge magnet Carl Sagan quotes.

And next room over,

We get accosted gently 

By the living room walls,

Lined OCD perfect,

With Stanley Kubrick.

Still plenty of time to make 

A Boy and His Dog director's cut,

We find him still 

In his matted Wookie hair slippers;

Keeping toes warm

As he swallows down 

The last of the coffee left 

In the Spock ear-handled coffee cup mug.


On Second Thought


Falling both head long

And head first

Into gravity's situation,

A trip landed me

Somewhere less appetizing 

Than a swig of flat beer.

I made like a dead man

On old fashioned skateboard;

A fashion-malfunction

On Hollywood Boulevard.

Passing poseurs in spandex

On Traction Avenue,

Limbering up for a run

To quell body conscious anxieties;

I was on lookout for the one

Who dropped a lollipop;


To a sucker punch

Tasting much less sweet;

Who wore big boots

To look taller

Hair wings, 

Popped collar.

I had sick plans

To turn body parts

Into unworthy relics,

After bending limbs

Into chicken wings;

Odd angles

That'd make a stomache twinge.

Forgetting to look,

I met with a thud,

The hood of a car;

Horn blaring,

Tires screeching,

Wake up call 

At the corner,

It provided me

With a second thought.

Pulled out a lighter,

For the smoke in my lips

Thumbed it open 

To spark a flame;

Making tremendous

And solid the effort,

To remember it's better 

To forget his name

Than to hunt him down 

As game.

One Thing After Another

Earning a wage 

For a life he could cuddle

Daily falling off horses

As a Johnny Cash stunt double

This change of career

Yeilded far better comforts

Than the previous stint

Shooting comercials in the desert.

In Holywood's Hills

He had,

At any one time

Two or three hangers-on

All aiming for fine, 

But as circumstance had it

Were more strip mall classy

Than ballers with coke habits

In better parts of Tallehassy

He once had a girl 

Hot black Batmobile chic

And the lying eyes

Of an Eagles song

Her mother 

Was superstition's queen

Thursday evenings 

Planting magic beans 

The relationship thing

Could last only so long,

'til the negatives outweighed positives

From the uneasiness felt

After some trend-setting

Ice bucket challenge

In a mid-western bible belt.




Belching fire 

And spinning like lowrider rims


And splitting at the seams;

Taut from throat to crotch

Uglier times are rarely seen.

All around me storm clouds 

And minature fireworks;

At my feet;

Dozens of burning snakes

The air;

Thin as fog but bright as fire.

I was sold Bob Hope;

But neglecting to inform me

Of his horns and tail,

Eyes heavenward in mock relief.

Tomorrow will be a good day;

As good as chicken fried steak

Swimming in white gravy.