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Lady Sabre Has Rattled


Geishas flashed

In her eyes at night;

I left her last year's moan

In a fold of my mind;

In my being's envelope,


With blood red heart stamps

Under the pubescent moon.

Horus's popped collar

Announced its nocturnal threat 

And three deathsman

Encircled my concubine's lair.

A nod 

To the promised duel, 

Where the faun whistles

Through the copper

And the crows 


On the frigid wires above 

An armada 

Secures my guarded intention

To cavort with my lady

In defiance 

Of the promissory notes

Shaped like quivers 

And caked in bandoline. 

The move is made

The seals have cooled 

And the day has come and gone.

Little Suburban Problems

Wasn't double digit minutes 

After coffee, 

Perfect morning's drug

A follow-thru 

By escape route was tended to.

Their property defined 

With trees made tidy;

50's neat partnered up

With height contrast's cultured bushes.

Working under a dirty car

In a three piece polyester suit,

Marv made fake fixes 

To trick the missus.

The screen door creak 

Precedes Jane's morning debut

To the outdoor world 

Of birds and buses.

With hair a mess,

Eyes red like fire-light

She pauses a solitary moment 

For her nervous system to unknot.

Accents made the delivery 

Of bad news digestible, 

more easily chewed, 

Taking some of the weight off.

Jane's was thick with Italian Jew.

The car Marv pretended 

To get some work done on

Could have been mistakenly identified 

As one owned by TJ Hooker,

The lackluster television-famous looker.

In Italian Jew accent,

Her news she delivered,

The freshly installed classic Spanish tile 

Mainly chosen by her, 

Item's picker

With copper colored fine line detail,

As well.

Had decided a mutiny, 

They were all peeling up.

Small problems of life 

Would continuously rain

Right up to the future event's hospital stay 

When both like two, 

As it were,

Intensive care gowned soldiers 

Against the odds

Would have the couple bare

The burden of  matching coronaries.


Lost At Sea


A whole man lacks holes,

Holes that act

As make-shift homes

For despondency

And aches,

The truancy of Isolation.

If Want is your shadow,

Blotting out Freedom's Light,

And prayers bleat out 

Like pleas of the desperate,

The vessel meant to carry you


And weariless,

Has met with misfortune;

Having its moorings

Torn free

From its prior place,

Like ropes

That hold a ship to the Marina.

Every maiden voyage

Begins tethered to the shoreless Shore.

The pilgrim

Leaps into adventure,

Never leaving the comfort 

Of Immortality's embrace.

A mortal

Is built with limit. 

Limit is built 

With beginning and end.

An abyss 

Precedes a beginning, 

An abyss

Follows an end. 

How can fear's frightful bark 

Not startle

Those made insignificant 

By Limit's mortal island?

Linear Time

Linear time 

Begins when the conditions are right;

The conditions can be right 

At any time:

Outside of linear time,

Inside of Absolute Time,

At any time. 

Linear time experience 

Is conditioned on perception

Of an object's location change.

Linear time

Is experiencing a stack of non-motion events;

We could measure the length of this vector 

By the number of events

A segment of measured linear time

Allows a person to experience.

Linear time

Is intervaled time;

From one non-motion event moment

To another non-motion event moment,

And all the ones in between. 

Linear time 

Is spacetime time; 

It has no absolute existence,

But conditioned existence

Appropriate for this reality.

Linear time

Isn't a time that moves

But a perception of the objects

In events,

Changing their location.