Table of Contents

Kingdom Came

Within the Kingdom's Heart,

Black blood hardened

And cracked apart.

Fine new spires jetted up,

By bejeweled fingers corrupt.

Reinforced parapets 

And the blue and gold carpets

Here now
Under Second Sun's Eye;

The place scabbed-winged angels

Refused to die.

Stored within its drapes

Exposed those things the Angel hates.

They chill the inmates

And puzzle the guards

Who keep both beasts 

And creatures large.

A black-maned beauty

With parasitic pride

Held one hundred different identities


The Kingdom released them

Now that it's then;

The then that is then

Or the time of the end.

One thousand years come;

One thousand years gone;

The dragon awakens

To bellow its song..




Karl kept his loyalties

As constant 

As the black night's stars

Sweeping through the phases

Of the night guide's soft lit moon.

No desires 

Could we find in his soul

Would ever allow bribery

To pull him off his course.

Impressive chick magnet prowess 

Generated action 

From time to time,

But he failed to bag the big fish;

Never had a three way 

With a cosmonaut in her prime.

He'd never let too much love in;

Keeping reserved seating 

For the precious memories

Of his dearly missed mum.


Failing to win his heart,

Were fair game.

A guilty pleasure

Playing Karl's pranks on civilians;

Pawning TV remote controls

To blind drug dealers:

"It's the latest greatest iPhone!

Good for half a gram, bro!"

Lazing on his daddy's boat,

Lying shirtless

Under Victoria's sun;

Fixing a hole

For the drugs to get in;

Flying high

On a seductive frequency,

The waves;

With their friendly back and forth;

His mind looking for an answer

To where the money all went. 

Kerry Berry

It's easily way past sobriety 

Always on the lam;

Berry flavored lipstick's here;

Hot damn black Trans Am!

She's sexy psychic poison

Now blinking in the sun.

Her ways
Keep prodding me to prod

Her not to go,
But cum.

She dashes parental hopes
And dreams

Like clay pots on to rocks;

Repenting not this truancy

Whether this pleases them or not. 

Her bad girl
Gets the better of me

Making sinful ways divine;

Choir practice
And prayer with saints

Or mirror and the line?

Over doing biker coke

Could make me think at times

Six months
From a fatal stroke

Please give to March of Dimes.


Kreep Luv


Moments such as these 

Were rare visits;

As few as photos 

Of topless Dolly Parton

Staring into space,

Lying on her back.

We stood like stones,

Absorbing the sun

As our enigmatic guests

Birthed forth

From the distant horizon's line.

Embossed triple-nines,

In handstand formation,

Becoming unquestionable,


Licence plate identifiers;

Their family crest;

Black skull n' bones

Baring sharpened incisors 

And eyes to convince you

Of their powers 

To observe,

Made a fit most remarkable

To this bloodline 

With penchant

To stay desert miles distant 

From common turf 

And beaten path.

These strange generations 

Strung across like beads of blood 

Through infamous legendary haunts;

Places, when entered,

Never failing to raise hair

On a brave man's skin.

From out of their vehicle

Theatrical-like maneuvering, 

They carefully creeped out;

Obviously pleased 

With today's final arrival;

Our highly anticipated event;

A years long-due reunion,

Being second to the royal first,

Most valued treasured acquaintance,

Clasping arms and sharing mirth.

Even in midst 

Of these solid bonds of love,

And permanent loyal ties,

Our family feast lay beneath

Over-shadowed feelings one meets 

When surrounded on all sides

By the shallow open graves

Of one's beloved dead pets.