Table of Contents

Eating At The Desktop

Digital meals

With a side of mind-candy,


On the internet fare; 

Circles in my brain,

Neurologically frey,

Leaving decrement wheels. 

The day was mine

And my greed was in charge--

A Pac Man

Mimicking topless Eve,


Like the evil coprophagous

Found in lost tales...

Moldy Jonas's

In the stomachs of whales;


Full of bloatware. 

My gangly shadow-self

Hovering over her vainly cultivated icon

With a teeth-baring,


Emoticon stolen

From a programmer's age-stained scribble pad. 

Your Skype ran over my Facebook.


End Times


From varied combination

And play of fluids

And elements,

Blossoming happens out

Into radiant renewed order;

No longer watered

By the sweat of men

In blood-stained arena

Of our strife

And passions

Sailing across the fluctuating

Tempestuous Sea of Time.

The changing era of time 

Is replaced

By an era of stability

And repose.

Premonitory signs

And indications of the End Times

Rely neither upon dubious revelation

Nor upon apocryphal prophecy:

It defies the light

And grasp

Of human understanding:

Our hesitant voices

Left to stammer.

Energy Stops, Mass Happens

Tell me something different, 

Won't you?

Tell me something new.

The energy in me recognizing

The energy in you.

If Energy was to come to rest

By the placing of a limit,

No more motion's moves are made

In cold nor warm dry climate.

Flux would change to stasis

Being still as stone, now mass.

The Infinite becomes finite,

Reversal, impossible to pass.

The finite, it's order, in logic's name

Will part as morning dew.

To greet the hug of dissolution

Of the many and the few.

That which is illuminated,

The illuminator's task,

Exists in the illuminator

Like bubbles in a bath.

At constant's singularity 

We find the true location

Neither space or its friend, time 

Received any deep devotion.

Light at zero velocity

Equaling infinite value,

Is arrival from departure's side,

What else can I tell you?

Without space or distance to move

Light is kept from travel

Movement was never ever used for 

Instant location arrival.


Exactly How


How can we call our leaders good 

When they spend our tax dollars 

On Israel 

And the fake space race?

How can there be more than one being 

If only objects

Iin space and time

Can be plural?

How can reality 

Be the Pantheist's non-duality

If paintings can't paint painters

And poems can't write poets?

How can it be wrong

To sin

If only God can be Good?

How do concepts 

Such as 'sacred' and 'profane' 

Get produced 

By neurological causal relationships?

How do we characterize a religion 

That makes heroes 

Out of abortion doctors,

Guaranteeing children a seat in Heaven

By sending them away 

Before the age of accountability? 

How do we abandon desire 

Without the desire

To abandon desire?

How do we believe

In an expanding universe 

When our constellations

Are stars in fixed configuration?

How beneficial can it be 

To learn a theory

About how our world works

When the theory's glue

Is a guess? 

How has egoic pride convinced us

That we can outsmart 

Our own Infinite Divinity?

How long did it take 

To cut the average foreskin off 

Before the invention 

Of the scalpel?

How can they say 

We're only animals

If lions and tigers 

Don't have to pay taxes?